DIY Vanity Mirror

Adventures in DIY with Kaela, Nat, & Toffee

A Vanity Mirror for my makeup space was a no brainer! I live in a fairly small townhouse and the bathroom just doesn’t have enough space to house all my hair and makeup stuff.

When we were planning on moving back to our townhouse (TLDR tried to sell it, renovated a bit, blah blah blah) I knew I had to get it more organized. I am an eclectic hoarder with 0 impulse control when it comes to organization. I started planning out the perfect getting ready space. I knew it had to be functional, accessible, and bright.

There were no real places in the townhouse that we could make this happen, or it would be super inconvenient anyways.

So I started doing some research on vanity mirrors thinking it would be really difficult and I would need to figure out how to get a frame and drill holes for bulbs, find a secure way to mount it, and overall just take up weeks of my life. I then looked online for just purchasing one (because I’m lazy and running a business doesn’t allow for a whole heck of a lot of time) but they were $300 at a minimum!!! The cheap Italian in me is like OH HELL NO.

Thank heavens for Amazon! I bought these little lights and tested them out at first. It was $25 and came in a day (yay Prime!) and seemed to give off a decent amount of light. Ok, now I have lights, but no mirror… Back onto the facebook marketplace! Honestly, I didn’t really know what I was looking for, I just knew I needed a fairly large mirror and I would figure out how to mount it later. It just so happens that someone was selling a 42×30″ mirror that they took down from their bathroom. It was a perfect buy for $20!

I started putting the lights close to where I wanted them but found that 10 bulbs just weren’t enough. I wanted to be blasted with light for when I’m doing my makeup without my glasses so maybe I can see some colour and shapes. (oh and also selfies!) I had to order another set and WAIT… ok it was only a day (yay Prime!)

Nat came over to help me mount these things. We discovered math is very hard on a Sunday…

Eventually, we ended up figuring it out and started placing them 2 inches from the outside of the frame and about 4″ apart from each other.

The nice thing about these bulbs is the maker considered what to do with the extra wire between the bulbs and made a nice little space to wrap it so it looks clean.

The light bulbs are ON THERE and probably never going to come off. I could almost lift the mirror just by holding onto them.

Mounting was pretty simple once we found some studs in the walls. This is where husband help comes in handy for me. I’m afraid of drilling holes in the wall!

By just using little hooks around the mirror it was pretty steady.

and BAM! Turning them on it felt like a little dream come true!

so when I finally got to do my hair and makeup for a friends wedding I thought the catch light and the way it was able to even out the light on my face while doing hair and makeup made the whole experience so much easier!

Well that’s all for now friends! I am loving doing the DIY light thing, if you ever need a hand just drop a comment below and I’d love to help!