Gibson Roll in 12 Easy Steps

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Something simple to do while in self-isolation and feel a little put together.

Probably one of my favourite go to hair styles even on normal days when I don’t feel like curling my hair and going a bit more casual pinup during the day or evening. I am a huge fan of this look and still gets a lot of attention from people because we don’t see the gibson roll or a chingnon very often other than at weddings!

It’s a great 40’s hair style for any pinup on a day 1 wash or a day 6!

1. Section off the hair just behind the ears and pin down for use later.

2. Section hair just underneath the lump on the back of your head, near where the top of your neck starts (technical, I know) 

3. Backcomb just at the scalp. You’ll want this for secure bobby pins.

4. Take down the top section of hair and get ready to start pinning!
5. Place the first bobby pin in the middle of that section. Make sure it’s secure enough, then continue to make a U shape around the back of your head.
6. Once that’s done it should look a bit like this. I have the bobby pins crossed over one another so loose hairs don’t sneak out. 

7. Twist the outside hair close to your ears back into the pins as well. Doing this will make for a clean and pretty side.
8. Now backcomb the crap out of the hair on the top. This is what is going to give our Gibson roll some oomph. 
(I’ve also seen using a sock bun form at this point but haven’t figured that out yet. If you have, this is an easy step for you!)
8. I like to start my roll by wrapping it around my 2 fingers for a thicker roll to get it started.
9. I then switch to wrapping it around my thumbs to get that perfect little hot dog look.
(Cutest hair hot dog I’ve ever seen)
10. Place pins through the part of the roll closest to your head. Be sure to catch them in the backcombed part where we started to keep them secure.

11. Once the edges are secure, you can catch some of the middles of the hair hot dog with bobby pins
12. At this point, the front can basically be whatever you like. 
It can be victory rolls, a lazy victory roll, etc… 
I like to twist the sides back down by my ears and then pin over top of the hair hot dog

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