Tips for a Sensational Pinup Photoshoot

Be extra photoshoot ready with these tips!

Prepping for your first or any professional pinup photoshoot is exciting! It can take a lot of prep work, but it’s worth it for top-notch images! No matter what photographer you’re working with, you want to be at the top of your game. Take these steps to rock your next photoshoot.

Find your style & choose your theme

Find some time to take a look through the history of pinup photography. There is a huge amount of inspiration out there from all kinds of models and photographers. While you may not have any modelling experience, you know what your personal taste is. Look for references to the styles that inspire you, poses you feel you can master. Or ones that will push your limits.

Check out some of the inspiration on our pinterest page

There are different styles of pinup photography.

  • Classic Pinup or “Cheesecake.” These are campy, playful, and the sweet innocence of being yourself. Can also have implied nudity with lingerie. These can be photographed in a studio with props and a set or on location.
  • Glamour or Film Noir. These are usually more fashion forward, serious, elegant, and editorial. Can be done in a studio or on location.
  • Boudoir. A sultry bedroom photo shoot with lingerie, curves, skin, and feeling extra sexy. These are typically photographed in a hotel room or bedroom set.

So whatever your flavour the best part is that it will be uniquely you!

What are your goals?

This may seem obvious that you want great photos of yourself, but sometimes you have a bigger picture in mind. Will you be submitting these to a publication? Printing your photos and hanging them in your home or office? As a photographer, it’s awesome to hear you trust our creative vision. It makes our creative hearts very happy! But, we also want you to walk away from this experience with what you want.

See our blog post with themes and getting published here

There are also a lot of print mediums to think about with your final images as well.

  • Albums
  • Framed wall prints
  • Postcards (these are super fun!)

Treat yo self! (Shopping and spa treatments!)

Now, this is my favourite part of the process. Shopping! Manicures! Pedicures! Hair and makeup! The star treatment you’ve been looking for. Planning your pinup photoshoot is a fun excuse to get dolled up and try something new!

Plan on bringing at least 2 or more outfits to your photo shoot. Feel free to send wardrobe options to your photographer as they might have some ideas as well. You want to plan your outfit from head to toe. Take a peek through your closet and see if you have anything that fits your theme.

Sometimes you can plan an outfit around a particular dress, shoe, hat, etc… If you haven’t got the right pinup fashion there, I encourage you to shop at any local stores in your area. Supporting a small business can go a long way.
Here are some stores local to Alberta:


Manicures, Pedicures, and Hair! Oh my!

Like we said in the previous section you want to think head to toe. Your hands are nearly as expressive as your face, especially when it comes to full-body portraits. Pamper yourself pre-pinup with a manicure (and if the mood suits you) and a pedicure just in case. Stick to colours that will compliment your wardrobe choices and style.
Trimmed hair is also a major benefit to your hairstylist. Want to keep that frizz down? A trim ALWAYS helps! Keeping your hair healthy, strong, and shiny is great for your photographs. You can start to use products like these any time to keep your hair healthy.

  • Olaplex
  • Living proof

If you have questions about these products give Avenue Blonde Hair Studio a shout! They would be happy to answer any hair health questions you have.

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Get your beauty rest

The biggest key to relaxing is to take good care of yourself beforehand. Stay hydrated, don’t over-exert yourself, go to bed early, and don’t skip meals beforehand. Modelling is hard work and you’ll want to keep up your energy for this fun and flirty experience.

Bring water to your photoshoot and remember that it’s ok to take breaks for a drink of water and a moment to rest. Your photographer won’t take offence to a break here and there. But don’t do it between every frame. Keeping on time during your photoshoot is important.

Posing practice makes perfect

One more thing you can do before your pinup photoshoot is to practice your moves! I don’t mean on the dancefloor. find some posing inspiration from some of your favourite classic pinup images. Find a few that you know you can master then find some that push your boundaries (in a good way!)

Stand in front of your mirror and put some music on. Relax and try some out! Don’t take yourself too seriously and have fun with it all! Laugh when something doesn’t feel right, shake it off, and start again. Bring these poses to your photoshoot and your photographer will help guide you too!

Hire and Hair and Makeup Artist (HMUA)

Like hiring a professional photographer, hiring a professional makeup artist is essential. They have experience and knowledge to put your best face forward in front of the camera. Professional hair and makeup artists will be able to give you a timeline for how long a pinup look should take. This is important if your photoshoot it set for a specific time. No one wants to show up late.

Pinup expertise This may seem like a no-brainer but it’s common that most hair and makeup artists don’t know what techniques to use for a classic look. Things like how a victory roll should look like or how to set curls properly, etc… Ask them to show you examples of their pinup hairstyles if they have any.

What else to pack

  • Underwear: Flesh coloured panties and bras as well as a black set (if possible seamless/ t-shirt bra)
  • Strapless bra
  • If you feel more comfortable, pop in those Spanx!
  • Shoes: Bring a selection of heeled shoes – no need to go and purchase anything new, just bring what you think may work for the pinup look and the outfits you’re bringing.
  • Shaving / Waxing: Being well-groomed can bring extra confidence to your session. No need to worry about being prickly!
  • Manicure/Pedicure: Make sure your hands and feet are looking fabulous.
  • If you have sexy stockings, hold up stockings or micro fishnets that are hiding in your wardrobe, now is the time to bring them out! Cheeky implied nudity is fun!

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