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How to get your Pin-Up Photoshoot into Publications & Submission Guidelines

Getting your images printed and published in a magazine is such an amazing way to celebrate YOU and be one of the most rewarding and fun things you’ll ever do! Imagine picking up that glossy magazine and flipping through to see your gorgeous face lighting up the pages! Your photo shoot can be fun and unique for any publication! Here are some tips to plan your next spread!

Planning your photoshoot

There are easy steps to plan your pinup photoshoot for publications

  1. Choose a theme
    Many magazines run a specific theme for each publication. Make sure you do your research on what they are looking for. Unique ideas can lead to epic photos that will be easy to choose for the editors.
  2. Talk to your photographer
    Discuss the theme with your photographer. They might have some really great ideas for props, outfits, and locations. Be aware some photographers might be better at certain themes than others. If you want to be published you need to be picky and that’s okay!
    Also, send them the requirements for submitting your images. Each magazine has slightly different wants and needs for cover images, bio images, DPI, pixel width, etc…
  3. Plan your outfit
    This can really elevate your photoshoot if you have the right authentic outfit with the right accessories for your theme. Be era-specific when putting your outfit together. Even be aware of the colors at the location and plan accordingly. Take a look at some of your favourite magazines and see all the elements they bring together to make their photoshoot look successful!

    Plan your outfit from head to toe, hair accessories to shoes and socks.
    Don’t wear logos as they can be distracting in photographs.
  4. Practice posing in front of the mirror
    Choose some of your favourite pinup photos and practice the way they pose their legs, hands, head, and face in the mirror. It’s actually a really fun exercise! Turn on some music and let loose!
    Remember that your face and your hands are the most expressive parts of your body! Raise your eyebrows like you’re talking to a kid telling an interesting story or listening like you’re interested lol. With your hands, use them to highlight your best features!
  5. Hire a hair and makeup artist (who knows how to do the pinup style)
    This is HUGE. Professional hair and makeup are essential for a shoot. You may feel like you’re good enough to do your own hair and makeup (which I’m not doubting) but a pro can get you completely photo-ready which is different from everyday makeup.
    Making sure they can do a pinup style is also incredibly important. I can’t tell you how many times the hair and makeup just aren’t quite it. Do your research and ask around in the pinup community.
  6. Treat yo self
    Get your hair freshened up, coloured, go for a mani-pedi, and any personal grooming you may need ahead of time. You want to look your best and not leave it up to your photographer to have to “photoshop it in”
  7. The day before the shoot
    Make sure you get enough rest! A good night’s sleep is so important so you feel good and therefore you’ll look good!

Now to the good stuff! Each magazine has its own submission rules so we’ve done our best to get a nice list going of all the new pin-up publications in Canada and around the world!

Chica Boom Pinup Magazine

We are accepting submissions for traditional Pin up, modern Pin up, Cheesecake, Tattoed, Cosplay, Vintage Alternative, Vintage Western, Vintage Boudoir and Tiki. Seasonal/Holidays photos are always welcome. Professional Hair and Makeup is highly recommended.

We love and celebrate all women, small or curvy, tall or short, any age, size, race or background and all women are encorage to submit their application.

What You Need

1. (3-8) High Resolution Professional Photos

Unpublished images are preferred but not required. If you are aiming for a cover, unpublished photos and professional hair and makeup are highly recommended. Photos previuosly shared on social media are OK as long as they are not printed in other publications.

2. Minimum 200 words about you!

Please do tell, we want to know about you and if you need help or ideas for your Bio please go to our Tell Me More page.

3. Release Form.

The form will be first sent to you by email, if and when your application is approved. After you sign it, it will be automatically sent to your photographer to be signed as well. You will receive a notification when that happens and you can download the complete agreement at that point. Check with your photographer if you don’t receive the complete signed agreement in a timely manner.

Image quality

  • Professionally taken and edited photos
  • High-resolution images (300 dpi)
  • 8.5 X 11 inches minimum

Please check with your photographer if you are not sure about your images.

Pretty please, don’t send

  • Images with watermarks or logos
  • Cellphone photos
  • Nudity
  • Screenshots
  • Photos previuosly printed by other publications

The only way to submit your photos is through the Application Process. Submissions will not be accepted via email or social media messages.

You will receive an email confirmation after submitting your application. Please make sure it doesn’t go to your spam folder. We will review your submission within a week, and contact you only if you are chosen for publication. If we don’t contact you, please do not get discouraged and keep submitting for future issues!

Rocket Magazine

Everyone is encouraged to submit their photographs, regardless of age, sex, race, or size– we are all here to motivate each other! This means any type of pinup as well (cheesecake, alternative, tattooed, cosplay, etc.). The below application is required for submission. Submissions will not be accepted via email or social media messages.

However, there are submission guidelines!

  • Please submit 3 photos MINIMUM. The more photos sent, the better. This will also increase the chances of being chosen as the cover model.
  • Photos with watermarks will NOT be accepted
  • Nudity is not welcome but implied nude is okay
  • Photos MUST be hi-res (300DPI), 8.5 X 11 or 11 X 17 inches minimum, professionally taken & edited
  • Unpublished photos are highly recommended, especially if you are looking for a cover spot
  • If you are a photographer and would like a photographer feature as well, please provide a longer bio. You may provide studio location, website, and photo of yourself as well.
  • Due to heavy submissions and overly large issues, there will now be limited space in each issue moving forward. There is now a limit to 30 models in each issue, NOT including model photos submitted by partner studios and team members. If you have been e-mailed about publication, be sure to respond on time or another model will be taking your spot!


Vintage Woman Magazine

Cover Star Competition

1. Download the Cover Star template on our website (link in bio!)2. Upload the template and any image of yourself onto and then save to your device.3. Share in an Instagram story.4. Tag @splendette and @thevintagewomanmagazine PLUS 1 friend in your story.

We need to be able to see the full template on your image, including the sponsor’s logo. If we can’t see the full logo, the image won’t be considered for the competition.

Images not shared in Instagram Stories will not be considered for the competition.

We will only select one entry per person.

Open to contestants everywhere, but you need to be 18 or older to enter.

True North Pinup

True North Pin Up releases an edition every quarter


  • You live in Canada
  • 8-10 high-resolution professional photos. (300 dpi minimum)
  • Minimum 250-word bio about yourself.
  • Media release

More info on their submission requirements and procedure here:

Upcoming Issues / Themes

Spring 2021 – Spring Love
Deadline Feb 1, 2021
Published Date: March 1st, 2021

Summer 2021 – Beach/Pool
Deadline May 1, 2021
Published Date: June 1, 2021

Pin-Up Kulture

Submission Guidelines:

  • 3-6 colour high-resolution images (300 dpi)
  • Send via dropbox or similar file sharing service. Name the files with your pinup name and month you are submitting. (ie. missyjo-june)
  • Short bio (50-400 words) or “Six things to know about you”
  • Professional photos only. No cell phone photos or selfies.
  • Signed release form (can be found on facebook)
  • Unpublished including all forms of social media.
  • No watermarks.

Cover Image Requirements

  • Unique images with great poses.
  • Shot in portrait mode as landscape images will have to be cropped.
  • Professional hair and makeup go a long way.

More information can be found on their facebook page or send an email for more requirements –

Modern Day Pinup Magazine

Modern Day Pinup magazine is a lifestyle magazine released quarterly that caters to the struggles with work and play, creating pin up hair-dos, loves to travel, yo-yo’s with their weight and LOVES vintage style and fashion.

Submission Guidelines:

  • High-resolution images (300 dpi or better)
  • Short bio about yourself. No more than 100 words)
  • Your pinup name and photographer’s name
  • Due to high volume of submissions you will receive a personal reply if they are interested in publishing your photos. Response time is within 2 weeks of receiving your email.
  • No watermarks
  • No screenshots
  • No selfies
  • No nudity

More submission guidelines can be found on their website –

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