Studio Update – Calgary’s Pin-up Studio

Calgary Pinup Photography Studio

I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it! I have been searching for a studio location to work out of for some time. A lot of the styles I wanted to bring to the Calgary pin-up scene required a fairly large space and I have been working with a small ish budget. If you’re from Calgary then you know that sometimes real-estate can be a tad on the expensive side. Finding a studio that wanted to have a co-op kind of operation are few and far between unless you want to rent by the hour. Unfortunately this put more of a cost into our packages… I didn’t want our sessions to be so expensive that it would take a full year to save up for one.

As luck would have it (and some networking) I met the most amazing people from Make Fashion / Fuse 33 who had connections to an amazing man (Doug) who was looking to start up his own collective of photographers. I MAY have gotten my hopes up and just felt an instant connection because he too does pin-up photos for fun! It just warms my heart to meet others with the same passion and talent. We hit it off right away talking about Marilyn Monroe, working with models and clients, and what we see in the future.

We did a tour of the studio and I was in love. There are 2 studios within the building AND a retro diner! I’m not kidding. This place is perfect. Amazing. Incredible. It is everything I’ve been hoping for.

We’ll be moving in and starting our sessions this May, 2021! I have a few things left to do in order to make this whole dream a reality. So follow along in the next few weeks as I build sets, prep gear, put together the hair and makeup space, and scream wildly about this awesome adventure.

XOXO Missy Jo

Studio A