Lustredust Pin-up Makeover

Introducing our resident makeup artist Lianne (Lustredust)

As we get our Pinup Photography studio in order I want to introduce our newest member to the Cheesecake Dolls team my cousin and makeup expert Lianne!

Lustredust (Makeup artist and body painter extraordinaire) is my cousin and has a love of beauty, glamour, and cosplay! She streams every sunday night doing a brand new body paint on herself! She loves cosplay and character transformations and is hardly recognizable after a full night of painting. She has been streaming on Twitch since 2015 and has travelled the world showing off her skills.

We have been reconnecting and getting ready to open up this studio, chatting about what her needs are as a makeup artist and little tips and tricks to keep everything running smoothly. I can guarantee you’re going to love the way you look after she puts you in pinup makeup. The fab red lip and sultry cat eye. Oooh I am getting all excited thinking about it.

Over the weekend we decided to gear up and get back into practice. Things are already getting busy for us and we want to make sure we’re a well oiled machine! The idea was to show off a couple different looks and see the transformation. It takes a village I swear.

I wouldn’t call myself a hair expert by any means but I understand the basics of what needs to happen, I mean I do it to myself quite often and it turns out alright! Lianne just got a fresh blonde colour and it is giving me Marilyn Monroe vibes! It was easy to get her hair to do those Hollywood waves, a poodle, victory rolls, and a classic 40s look.

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