Cheesecake Dolls Studio Grand Opening!

Pinup photography studio now open in Calgary, Alberta!

I never thought this day would come when I could open up our studio officially and dedicate all of my time to photographing beautiful vintage women. I have absolutely loved this community for so long and be able to give back and make a bit of a living doing this is my dream come true. So even though we’re living in a global pandemic I wanted to have the great grand opening I had been dreaming of, so, we went virtual. On May 8th, 2021 we went live with special guests, musicians, and it was everything I wanted and more.

It was so great to host to the show with Amber , and just overall have a really great time. I have been writing the script and organizing be special guests all week, and making little jokes to myself all the way through. I even got to put together the set with my mom on Thursday and that was extremely special to me. She has been such a fantastic supporter through this whole thing and I can’t thank her enough for always believing in me.

The day of the live stream, I woke up so much throughout the entire night and got out of bed an hour before my alarm was supposed to go off. Mild doing my hair and makeup I also went live on TikTok for fun and got some more people to join the live stream later which was really cool. One time is ready and had put all of the technical fires out, I drove myself to the studio. We made sure that the video and audio were working well with zoom and that our special guests knew where to go, and make sure that we also ate.

Had a hard time picking out what I was going to wear, what jewelry to put on, and what I was going to wear the rest of the night. It was fun having a little back room where all of our wardrobe changes where this really felt like I was back in youth singers and running back and forth for changes. It was really great to bring my experience of stage performances to this live stream and I think it went off as well as it could and it was so cool to see close to 20 to 30 people watching at any given time. It just shows how many people are supportive of cheesecake dolls and want to be a part of this amazing dream.

Anyways if you were able to pop into our live stream I can’t thank you enough. And if you weren’t able to come to the live stream on YouTube then you’re in luck because we save the video just for you. Be sure that you’re following all of our special guests and following us on social media for upcoming photoshoot dates, virtual and in-person events, and just tips and tricks to add some vintage flair to your life.

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