"My photos turned out even better than I imagined. I still can’t believe how incredible I look, like wait, what? That’s me? Kaela really captured the fun of the season and made me look like an actual Cheesecake Doll. I absolutely LOVE my photos and can’t wait to print them out and hang them up.

The Halloween cheesecake shoot was absolutely incredible. From the set design to the coaching, to the final photos, Kaela has far surpassed my imagination and expectation, again.

Working with such a dynamic team of women was so inspiring and uplifting, with hair, makeup, wardrobe, and the photography the background cheering was a welcome addition and really helped me to rock the shoot."

Kiki Loo

"I would recommend a pinup photoshoot with the Cheescake Dolls to anyone! The set was fantastically laid out, there were lots of options for props, and styling help with every outfit, thanks to Buffy's Vintage Boutique! If you are a shy person or nervous about being in front of the camera, rest assured - Kaela (photographer extraordinaire) is excellent at making you feel comfortable and giving you posing tips so you look your absolute best.
I felt like a million bucks during the process and afterward was blown away by how amazing the photos turned out. If you are on the fence about doing these photos, trust me - you need to do them!!! Your inner goddess will thank you!"

Callie Rouge

"Working with Cheesecake dolls is such an amazing experience!!! I was always nervous to do photo shoots, but Kaela The photographer made me feel very comfortable and she was able to get some amazing shots!!! I am so happy!!"

Buffy D'Amour

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I wear?

We have a great selection of clothing to choose from as well as recommendations on where to purchase the perfect outfit for your photo shoot! Check out our blog post on best places to shop - The best places to shop for vintage and reproduction clothing

What do I do with my hands??

Put them in the air and shake 'em like you just don't care!

Just kidding, we will be there to create the perfect look with direction on posing and expressions in a relaxed environment. I also recommend looking at classic pinup poses! Turn some music on, stand in front of a mirror and test them out! Don't take yourself too seriously! Just have fun!

We'll offer you snacks, drinks, and encouragement every step of the way!

What happens during my photoshoot?

We'll walk you through a step-by-step process of what your photo shoot can look like. We start every photo shoot with our amazing Hair and Makeup team, trying on outfits, and then we place you in the set and away we go! But, every session is a little different and is tailored to you!

What makes Cheesecake Dolls different?

Our photographer, Kaela has been a studio and portrait photographer for over 10 years. Starting out in the high-pressure wedding arena while fueling her love for a pin-up studio. Her main goal is to have fun during a session and the added bonus is leaving with AMAZING photographs of her clients.

You'll be right at home with this team of experts who want to make sure you have the best time possible all while being your beautiful self.

Why should I book a pin-up photoshoot?

Because, why the heck not? You deserve some pampering and some self-care! Our photo shoots are a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Indulge in yourself, be sexy, be flirty, be cute, be glamourous, and lounge around in lingerie AND have photographic proof of how freaking amazing you are!

Your photos will last forever, reminding you to take the time to love you for who you are. A photoshoot makes a great birthday treat, Christmas, breakup, valentine, or anniversary gift.

Bonus, when we're all old you can look back and say "Damn, I was hot!"

Book now!