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Hello and Welcome to Cheesecake Dolls!

We are a community based group with our aim to create space for all things vintage around the Calgary and Alberta area. When we finish this site you can expect to see our giant calendar of hangouts just for pin-ups and greasers, car shows, photo opportunities, and workshops for hair, makeup, posing, and more.

The other exciting news with Cheesecake Dolls is that we have partnered up with Shutter + Flash YYC - Calgary’s pin-up photographer (Kaela Joelle) and Whistle Bait Shop Shop & Studio (Darylann Misery) for all your studio photography needs! They are our in house dream team making all your pin-up photography wishes come true! Kaela has over 10 years of experience working in the photography industry and will be there for everything you need! Darylann has an eye for the antiques and has a collection of vintage hair drying chairs that will blow you away and wonder where she stores them all!

First and foremost, Cheesecake Dolls is an inclusive vintage and pin-up community. We want everyone to feel welcomed whether you are starting out in vintage or a seasoned pro, are part of pin-up groups, etc... We are all about just getting together, loving ourselves and loving each other through the love of vintage. (Enough love for you yet?)

All in all folks, we just want to have a crap ton of fun together and so far I think we’re achieving just that.

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A Brief History in Cheesecake

We are using the “Cheesecake” term as a particular era of art within the last 100 years. One that has kind of fallen out of popularity and mainly misunderstood. This term refers to pictures that are primarily of provocative or sexually attractive women. This does not mean Pornographic but more of a tease or a provocative pose or caught unaware in the innocent act of just being herself. These pictures generally focus on the subject, while backgrounds and props are kept to a minimum. 

How did the term “cheesecake” pinup originate? According to this 1950s magazine: “… A New York news photographer once asked a woman to lift her skirt ever so slightly to make a better picture. The beautiful woman complied. When the editor, something of a gourmet, saw the picture on his desk, he exclaimed ‘Why, this is better than cheesecake!'”

The photograph that this captions, is claimed to be the first “cheesecake” photo published in the American press, by photographer George Miller, and shot in 1915 of Elvira Amazar, “a Russian Diva”.


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